From the coast to the Ardennes: hotels in La Roche


la roche


Because I very much like the Ardennes, I opted for a town in the Ardennes, a hotel in La Roche, a town located in the province of Luxembourg with around 2000 inhabitants and the 10 borough there in 4000. La Roche-town, tourism is the main source of income, there are hotel in La Roche and about 8 different campsites, not only to speak of the many restaurants and cafes and of course the many souvenierwinkeltjes. Even before my hotel La Roche went, I had been engrossed in reading about what the town. La Roche is already very long because the excavations can say with certainty that La Roche already 20 centuries of our era was inhabited.

La Roche is also called Pearl of the Ardennes, this is because of the many beautiful forests, rocks and of course the Ourthe, this is a river that flows through the city. In the woods you can splendid walks and you have infinitely beautiful landscapes. During my stay in that hotel in La Roche a lot of tourist things: the tourist train, car or the sport on foot or by bicycle can be via a very steep road to climb game. The wildlife park is surrounded by beautiful forests, you can visit animals that live in our forests or lived, including the wolf, bison, lynx, wild boar, deer, pheasants, goats etc .... There is also a cafeteria with a new playground, you can enjoy a nice day and I can tune. In the museum of the battle there Ardennes, abolute the highlight of my vacation in a hotels in La Roche you can see everything and hear about the battle of the Ardennes in World War II, La Roche was 90% destroyed, so I came to know.


la roche2

Also I recommend the Pottery in the Museum of Hamrokerij also visited during my stay in that Hotel La Roche, as the Museum of milling, the water from the 19th century yielded power to the mill to rotate so that there could be ground. Every year on July 20 a grand big fireworks, sound and light show every year which is a 20,000 people to watch. Next time I will hotels La Roche this time around books, that is already on!