Fantastic weekend away in a hotel in Antwerp, Belgium!


Weekend in a hotel in Antwerp


You're looking to get away from it all, and treat yourself with a stay in a magnificent city? Then Antwerp might definitely be it! Antwerp is one of those enchanting Flemish cities where you simply find everything to turn your stay in a luxury hotel into an unforgettable experience! Add Antwerp to your "to do" list today and book one or more nights in of the many high quality hotels! You'll be amazed how long Antwerp, the biggest and most vibrant city in Flanders, will stick with you, long after you closed the door of your room in your Antwerp hotel! Whether you like history or are more of an adept of contempary culture: Antwerp has it all: powerful architecture, a sublime mix of old and new, lots of trendy but still affordable shops, jazzy clubs, nice restaurants and cosy cafés and bars,... these are only a few examples of what the city of Rubens has to offer to make your stay in a hotel Antwerpen perfect! The richness of museums, galeries and green spots is hard to equal.

Culture and history go hand in hand with a sparkling nightlife. Moreover, most Antwerpen hotels lie withing walking distance of almost everything that's appealling in Antwerp. Antwerp is truly like a metropolis that fits in your pocket! Going for an Antwerp hotel guarantees you of an absolutely perfect starting point to explore the city and its treasures! Antwerp will never seize to blow you away! Everyone who pictures Antwerp will immediately think of the words fashion, diamonds or the international port. There are many reasons why this wonderful historical ánd ultramodern city is regarded as the (non-official) capital of Flanders. Even more than Brugge or Ghent, Antwerp has everything to make a visit unforgettable. The wide spectrum of low hotel Antwerpen appeals to many people. Antwerp is a heartwarming, spontaneous and most of all very vibrant city and an absolute recommendation to plan a stay of one ore more nights in Antwerp!

Nadat je in je hotel in Antwerpen hebt genoten van al het moois van de hipste stad in Vlaanderen, ben je misschien al aan het dromen over je volgende heerlijke city trip, bijvoorbeeld je weekendje weg in een van de hotels Londen!


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