Fantastic couple of days in a hotel in the student town of Leuven, Belgium!

Just back from a couple nights in a hotel in Leuven, because I student what I wanted to explore before next year itself ga study. It seems there is very nice to in Leuven and is studying a lot more than attend classes and sit behind your books. The whole academic year is full of activities and for students. For example, the Student Welcome the Interfaculty Song or 24-hour course? But during the summer, the city sparkle with Marktrock as festivals and events such as snack and Beleuvenissen Tapje and Flanders sings in Leuven. The entertainment in Leuven appear to be almost legendary. The Old Market is rightly known as' the longest bar in the world. " In this area you will find quite a few hotels in Leuven, like cafes, you will find anywhere in the city, next to trendy restaurants and hip fuifzalen to everyone's taste and wallet.

From my hotel in Leuven I got a good picture of what it should as a student. And then there are the fakbars: unique in Flanders and a popular meeting place. In a fakbar are the students themselves behind the bar and the beers cost to students. Spring is certainly in agreement on a Thursday evening, the entertainment evening of Leuven students. Also culture freaks may Leuven their heart's content. The offer is simply overwhelming-in: theater, dance, literature, film, pop, rock or classical music, visual arts ... In a Hotel Leuven nobody is bored! During my stay in that Leuven hotels I wanted to agree to the sports studies. Well known among students is the sportkot, with pool, gym, aerobics and dance programs, athletic tracks, football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, indoor sports ... Students who are in possession of a sports free lot ( group) classes to participate. The 'sportkot is also the backdrop for some sporting events for students, including students and marathon Sportana Fata. The Leuven hotel where I was staying in a nice neighborhood, not far from the Botanical Gardens, the oldest existing botanical garden in Belgium.

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