Fantastic weekend away in a hotel in Antwerp, Belgium!


Weekend in a hotel in Antwerp


You're looking to get away from it all, and treat yourself with a stay in a magnificent city? Then Antwerp might definitely be it! Antwerp is one of those enchanting Flemish cities where you simply find everything to turn your stay in a luxury hotel into an unforgettable experience! Add Antwerp to your "to do" list today and book one or more nights in of the many high quality hotels! You'll be amazed how long Antwerp, the biggest and most vibrant city in Flanders, will stick with you, long after you closed the door of your room in your Antwerp hotel! Whether you like history or are more of an adept of contempary culture: Antwerp has it all: powerful architecture, a sublime mix of old and new, lots of trendy but still affordable shops, jazzy clubs, nice restaurants and cosy cafés and bars,... these are only a few examples of what the city of Rubens has to offer to make your stay in a hotel Antwerpen perfect! The richness of museums, galeries and green spots is hard to equal.

Culture and history go hand in hand with a sparkling nightlife. Moreover, most Antwerpen hotels lie withing walking distance of almost everything that's appealling in Antwerp. Antwerp is truly like a metropolis that fits in your pocket! Going for an Antwerp hotel guarantees you of an absolutely perfect starting point to explore the city and its treasures! Antwerp will never seize to blow you away! Everyone who pictures Antwerp will immediately think of the words fashion, diamonds or the international port. There are many reasons why this wonderful historical ánd ultramodern city is regarded as the (non-official) capital of Flanders. Even more than Brugge or Ghent, Antwerp has everything to make a visit unforgettable. The wide spectrum of low hotel Antwerpen appeals to many people. Antwerp is a heartwarming, spontaneous and most of all very vibrant city and an absolute recommendation to plan a stay of one ore more nights in Antwerp!

Nadat je in je hotel in Antwerpen hebt genoten van al het moois van de hipste stad in Vlaanderen, ben je misschien al aan het dromen over je volgende heerlijke city trip, bijvoorbeeld je weekendje weg in een van de hotels Londen!



Fantastic couple of days in a hotel in the student town of Leuven, Belgium!

Just back from a couple nights in a hotel in Leuven, because I student what I wanted to explore before next year itself ga study. It seems there is very nice to in Leuven and is studying a lot more than attend classes and sit behind your books. The whole academic year is full of activities and for students. For example, the Student Welcome the Interfaculty Song or 24-hour course? But during the summer, the city sparkle with Marktrock as festivals and events such as snack and Beleuvenissen Tapje and Flanders sings in Leuven. The entertainment in Leuven appear to be almost legendary. The Old Market is rightly known as' the longest bar in the world. " In this area you will find quite a few hotels in Leuven, like cafes, you will find anywhere in the city, next to trendy restaurants and hip fuifzalen to everyone's taste and wallet.

From my hotel in Leuven I got a good picture of what it should as a student. And then there are the fakbars: unique in Flanders and a popular meeting place. In a fakbar are the students themselves behind the bar and the beers cost to students. Spring is certainly in agreement on a Thursday evening, the entertainment evening of Leuven students. Also culture freaks may Leuven their heart's content. The offer is simply overwhelming-in: theater, dance, literature, film, pop, rock or classical music, visual arts ... In a Hotel Leuven nobody is bored! During my stay in that Leuven hotels I wanted to agree to the sports studies. Well known among students is the sportkot, with pool, gym, aerobics and dance programs, athletic tracks, football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, indoor sports ... Students who are in possession of a sports free lot ( group) classes to participate. The 'sportkot is also the backdrop for some sporting events for students, including students and marathon Sportana Fata. The Leuven hotel where I was staying in a nice neighborhood, not far from the Botanical Gardens, the oldest existing botanical garden in Belgium.

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From the coast to the Ardennes: hotels in La Roche


la roche


Because I very much like the Ardennes, I opted for a town in the Ardennes, a hotel in La Roche, a town located in the province of Luxembourg with around 2000 inhabitants and the 10 borough there in 4000. La Roche-town, tourism is the main source of income, there are hotel in La Roche and about 8 different campsites, not only to speak of the many restaurants and cafes and of course the many souvenierwinkeltjes. Even before my hotel La Roche went, I had been engrossed in reading about what the town. La Roche is already very long because the excavations can say with certainty that La Roche already 20 centuries of our era was inhabited.

La Roche is also called Pearl of the Ardennes, this is because of the many beautiful forests, rocks and of course the Ourthe, this is a river that flows through the city. In the woods you can splendid walks and you have infinitely beautiful landscapes. During my stay in that hotel in La Roche a lot of tourist things: the tourist train, car or the sport on foot or by bicycle can be via a very steep road to climb game. The wildlife park is surrounded by beautiful forests, you can visit animals that live in our forests or lived, including the wolf, bison, lynx, wild boar, deer, pheasants, goats etc .... There is also a cafeteria with a new playground, you can enjoy a nice day and I can tune. In the museum of the battle there Ardennes, abolute the highlight of my vacation in a hotels in La Roche you can see everything and hear about the battle of the Ardennes in World War II, La Roche was 90% destroyed, so I came to know.


la roche2

Also I recommend the Pottery in the Museum of Hamrokerij also visited during my stay in that Hotel La Roche, as the Museum of milling, the water from the 19th century yielded power to the mill to rotate so that there could be ground. Every year on July 20 a grand big fireworks, sound and light show every year which is a 20,000 people to watch. Next time I will hotels La Roche this time around books, that is already on!


From Antwerp to a hotel on the Belgian Coast



Anyone who intends to submit shortly to the coast to stay, should know that you like here on the best quality-price ratio will find the 3 sterren hotels Kust. Budget-friendly so that the more exclusive hotels, but still more than just basic comfort. I once stayed in a beautiful 3 sterren hotels Oostende, especially in the Hotel Louisa, in my humble opinion one of the best although I must honestly state that the Hotel Malecot in Blankenberge me two years ago gave a very pleasant holiday! I learned that my current girlfriend know.



Because I have a great love for the Queen of the coastal cities, I have all luxe hotels Kust is definitely the most visited in Oostende . It is really amazing to see how wide the range of luxe hotels Oostende but if you really must cut the knot that many beautiful luxe hotels Oostende I would maybe say that you should opt for Hotel Europe, because it is really ideal and I particularly charming staff, warm and sometimes funny is. Of course there are also other coastal cities prestigious hotels, like Blankenberge hotels or Knokke hotels. The 4 sterren hotels Kust Aazaert Hotel for example is really very blessed to stay: you can really enjoy a lot of extras, such as the beautiful indoor pool, the art fitness center, sun terrace and veranda, the cozy lounges, bar and wonderful restaurant ... Mmmm ... In fashionable seaside resort Knokke, also known laugher the Monaco of the North, there are of course many luxurious 4 star hotel 4 sterren hotels Kust to find. I stayed there myself once in the beautiful Hotel Approach , one of the zaligste holidays ever

Anyone who intends to submit shortly to the coast to stay, should know that you like here on the best quality-price ratio will find the 3 sterren hotels Kust. Budget-friendly so that the more exclusive hotels, but still more than just basic comfort. I once stayed in a beautiful 3 sterren hotels Oostende, especially in the Hotel Louisa, in my humble opinion one of the best 3 sterren hotels Oostende and undoubtedly the better of the 3 sterren hotels Kust, although I must honestly state that the Hotel Malecot in Blankenberge me two years ago gave a very pleasant holiday! I learned that my current girlfriend know Who

Who has more money on his mind and wants to be satisfied with the basics, "you can always go to a 2 sterren hotels Kust or goedkope hotels Kust. As everyone knows, these 2 sterren hotels Kust still guarantee a comfortable stay. Cheap does not mean bad. As I have just quoted, I have a great preference for Ostend, actually since my childhood. Well, for anyone who depends on his budget would look, there are quite a few goedkope hotels Oostende that all expectations perfectly deliver! Without being chauvinistic to want to do, I can safely say that of all coastal goedkope hotels Kust goedkope hotels Oostende are probably the best. I can all the Hotel Serge praise, I go there at least every the year to agree on a great weekend by the sea


Other fascinating cities to visit near Antwerp



Antwerp might well be the biggest and most influential city in Belgium, the small country houses numerous other interesting cities where visitors can find many cultural, historical, architectural and gastronomical treasures. Cities like Bruges, Ghent and Brussels each welcom millions of tourists each year and this obviously doesn't happen for no reason! Staying in a hotel Brussel for example will bring you right in the heart of the city of the Atomium and Manneken Pis, with lots of interesting things to see. A stay in a Brussels hotel ensures you of a sparkling journey in a city full of un: city of thousands of shops, of protected monuments and panoramic views, of movies, concerts and theatre, of hospitality and multiculturalism. A weekend away from home in Brussels one of the best guarantees for a wonderful city trip! In a hotel Brugge you are also where you need to be if you like interesting and fascinating cities. Almost the entire historical city centre of Bruges has been put on the World Heritage List, so millions of people come each year to stay at least one night in a Bruges hotel. Many of these hotels Bruges are located along these age old cobbled streets and alleys, or along one of the many enchanting and world famous Bruges canals. During my time in a hotel Gent, I could here and there pick up some resemblances of Bruges, especially in the historical city centre (as beautiful as Bruges').  The biggest difference of staying Ghent is perhaps that the city is a lot more modern and vibrant, mainly because of the presence of 30.000 students!

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Hotel 't Elzenveld


Antwerpen_Hotel Elzenveld

The intriguing Hotel 't Elzenveld is a hotel Antwerpen located in a medieval convent lain in the city centre, taking you back hundreds of years, without ofcourse having to lose modern day comfort. This hotel Antwerpen lies in the middle of the historical centre, so the most important shop streets and galleries are all within walking distance!

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Agora Hotel


Antwerpen_Agora Hotel

The brand new Agora Hotel is situated at the beautiful “Koningin Astridplein”, in the center of Antwerp. This Antwerpen hotel has a very long history but from the original building nothing is left intact, since this Antwerpen hotel was completely re-build at the same spot. The hotel is build with Portuguese marble and the rooms are modern with a wooden floor and design bathrooms. Within a short distance of this hotel Antwerp, you will find all places of interest. The modern lobby of this hotel is an excellent place to start your tour trough Antwerp and the rooms are perfect to relax after a busy day. Lovely!

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